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 Managing the header banner in Flatty templates
Solution The Flatty template comes with a header banner. The size of the banner is 728px x 90px in the Classifieds and Escort Agency templates and 468px x 60px in other Flatty templates.

To disable the banner there are two solutions:

1. You can find the header banner position in the code and disable it from there: Connect to your server through FTP > Go to Templates > Flatty > tpl > blocks > header_banner.tpl and comment out the entire code in the file. Then go to templates > Flatty > css > style.css, find a line that contains div.header-banner-cont and remove - top: -106px, or

2. You can submit a ticket and we will disable the banner for you as part of your support.

To retrieve the banner please follow the steps below:

1. Go to the Admin Panel > Plugins and install the Banner plugin.
2. Click the 'Banner plans' and add a plan.
3. Click the 'Banner boxes' and add a box with a 'header banner' position.
4. Go back to the Banner plan you've added in Step 2, and enable the header box.
5. Go to the 'Banners' to add a banner to the header.

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