15 Dec 2019 
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  • Please keep in mind that sending duplicate emails before you get a response from us will push your message thread to the back of our queue, because it shows up as a new message in our system. We answer the oldest threads first, so writing back before you hear from us can delay our response time.

Please take a minute to read the notice before submitting a ticket!
  1. If you experience a few issues with the Software, please describe them listed in a structured and clear way in a ticket. Please don't add a few tickets if you have a few issues at the time of submitting.
  2. When reporting an issue, please add your admin panel, ftp or cpanel login details to the ticket to speed up resolving it.
  3. Try to be as specific as you can. To replicate your issue Flynax Team will need a step-by-step description. Tickets stating: "I have a lot of problems" will take longer and will result in Flynax request for more details. Please don't forget to add a url of the page, on which you have an issue.
  4. If you cannot describe an issue or a customization or you believe that a screen shot will make your description clearer, please attach a screenshot with the issue (or a customization) marked on it.
Example of an issue report ticket: Example of an customization (or general) request ticket:
Hello Flynax,

I own http://mysite.com, and I have a few problems with the Software:

1. I added a box called Banner to http://mysite.com/listings.html but it was not displayed for some reason.
2. I granted a plan to a user but he cannot post a featured ad. To see the problem please log in under john/test and try to post an ad using a Bronze plan.
3. On http://mysite.com/search.html I had a weird notice, please see a screen shot below:

Login details:
admin panel: username/password
ftp: username/password

Thank you,
John Smith
Hello Flynax,

I want to open a classifieds site. My idea is ...I wonder if you can make the following customizations:

1. I want to have articles on my site. Articles are supposed to be displayed in an eyecatching box. I also want to have the ability to set pages from the admin panel on which the box will be displayed. The box will offer a short description of articles acting as links to pages with full content of an article. Please find a template of the article box attached.
2. On http://somebody's-site.com/filter/ there is a filter form. I want you to build something similar. The form shows up once a user did a search. The filter contains all fields and allows you to filter search results by a particular field. You can log in and see for yourself how it works (logins: john/test).
3. I wonder if you software allows the Admininstrator to approve new listings.

Looking forward to your reply,
John Smith
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